Marketing plays a vital role in any business and can ultimately determine the success or failure of a company. Local Cable Television Advertising is a high frequency medium that reaches smaller, narrowed groups of people within a chosen geography. Cable Television offers the power of geo-demographic targeting. Geo-demographic targeting reaches specific consumers in your market place allowing you to Brand Your Business and to help Sell Your Products. O & O Advertising and Media Services will custom make a specific cable television plan for your area. In addition, each cable television commercial is specifically designed for you with your powerful offer. Examples of available commercials are included on this page. For more information Contact Cassidy Ochsankehl at

Benefits of Local Cable Advertising:

Excellent medium for reaching narrowed, targeted demographics. Niche networks and programming appeal to specific consumer groups.

Cables High-Frequency is a cost efficient way to achieve top of mind awareness.

Geography can be customized to fit your marketing areas.

Cable Television offers exciting tie-in opportunities and complements other forms of media.

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